Hi, my name is Dan and I’m proof that you’re never too old to try something new.


For over thirty years, I worked in the fields of book publishing and web development. I was a textbook production manager, a compositor and desktop publisher, a system administrator, and a web developer.

In 2012, I decided I wanted to make comics. It was a little scary trying something new, but it turned out I just needed some simple tools…

Manikin hand and clutch pencil

…and inspiration found at home.

Photo of Kordell and Mouse
Kordell and Mouse (aka Mousey)

It was so much fun that I just kept going.

Ink sketch of Kordell and Mouse

Live Lobster

Hanafuda cards, based on my pets

The Pink Cape

Drawing has been a way for me to reconnect with the playfulness and joy of discovery that I experienced as a child. Thank you for visiting my website and letting me share my artwork with you.

-Dan Tabata
May 2016

Dan, age 3
Dan, circa 1965

My first pet-inspired comics were titled “The Pawses.” You can view all of my comics and sketches from 2012-2015 by visiting thepawses.wordpress.com.

You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Graphic Design Stack Exchange.