Digital drawing of a cat kneading a dough man

Making Biscuits

Kitty says, “I knead you.”

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Making Biscuits Society6 tote bag
Making Biscuits Society6 throw blanket
Inktober 2017 prompt list

Inktober 2017

This year, I participated in the Inktober ink drawing challenge.

Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Participation in Inktober is simple: Draw something in ink, post it online, and repeat the process each day during October. Over the years, Inktober has grown from one artist’s personal challenge into a worldwide annual event that is enjoyed by thousands of artists! Continue reading “Inktober 2017”

Comic about a bear, a tree, and a honey pot.

If a Bear Falls in the Woods

– view full-sized comic –

“We climb and fall. United by a common struggle, our happiness is found in unexpected places. This mask removed, reveals a truth.”
-Anonymous (bear)


I drew this comic during the Inktober ink drawing challenge. The inspirations for the comic were the challenge’s final five daily prompts:
Climb (Oct. 27)
Fall (Oct. 28)
United (Oct. 29)
Found (Oct. 30)
Mask (Oct. 31)

– view full-sized comic –

Collage showing the history of the fez fish

Evolving Art

When we first see a drawing, we might imagine a flash of inspiration leading straight to the finished artwork. Many times that’s what happens, but not always.

One of my favorite drawings took a few years and several versions until the art finally matched up with my imagination. The fez fish began as a 2013 sketch book drawing that I scanned and colored in Photoshop. Continue reading “Evolving Art”

1960s psychedelic puppy poster

Puppy Love

Psychedelic puppy love chihuahua says, “Feed me, man!”

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Puppy Love design decorating a Redbubble throw pillow
Puppy Love design decorating a Redbubble women's scoop neck t-shirt

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