Mousey the dog

Goodbye, Mousey

Our little dog, Mousey (aka Mouse) brought joy to our family for almost nine years (April 10, 2011–February 15, 2020).

Mousey, I’m still not sure who got the better deal—you for taking over our home and hearts, or me for getting to draw inspiration from your strange dog-like ways! Goodbye, Mousey…I’ll miss you always.

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Pet Adoption (2012)

Playing Ball (2012)
Playing Ball

How Mouse Got His Name (2013)
How Mouse Got HIs Name

Doggie Bag (2014)
Doggie Bag

Hero (2016) [click title or image to view two-page comic]
preview panel from Hero short comic

Pet Thoughts (2017)
Drawing of a loving dog

Little Dog Waiting (2018)
Little Dog Waiting digital watercolor painting

Poppy Dog (2019)
Poppy Dog illustration

Pufferpup (2020)

Mr. Mouse the Chihuahua Dog (2020)
Mr. Mouse the Chihuahua Dog


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