An unflappable pigeon wearing a fez


This bird remains calm, cool, and collected.
A.K.A., I remember back when everyone wore a hat. Now, get off my lawn. 😉

Unflappable – pen and watercolor. Drawn with a TWSBI Mini fountain pen (extra fine nib) using Platinum Carbon Ink. Winsor & Newton watercolors. Digital scan adjusted and edited in Photoshop. Background color applied in Illustrator.

Based on an updated (with fez) version of this daily drawing:
Daily drawing of a pigeon

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Unflappable Pigeon

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Society6 Unflappable tote bag
Collage showing the history of the fez fish

Evolving Art

When we first see a drawing, we might imagine a flash of inspiration leading straight to the finished artwork. Many times that’s what happens, but not always.

One of my favorite drawings took a few years and several versions until the art finally matched up with my imagination. The fez fish began as a 2013 sketch book drawing that I scanned and colored in Photoshop. Continue reading “Evolving Art”

A fez-wearing fish holding a tea cup

Night of the Cuppa

A fish, a fez and a cuppa.

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Society6 dark blue version of the fez fish

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