Low Poly Chihuahua illustration

Low Poly Chihuahua

I decided to give our little dog Mouse the low poly treatment. He’s a “bit” smaller than his cousin. Also, Mouse gets an orange background, since his “mom” attended Clemson University.

Learn how to create low poly art by reading my tutorial: How to Create a Low Poly Dog in Adobe Illustrator

Low Poly Dog Illustration

How to Create a Low Poly Dog in Adobe Illustrator

If you’ve played 3D video games you’ll recognize low poly from its blocky appearance and lack of detail. In 3D computer graphics a polygon mesh, often composed of triangles, is used to model 3D objects. The more polygons used in the mesh, the more detail can be applied to the object.

I recently watched a video that demonstrated an easily understood process for using an image to create low poly artwork in Adobe Illustrator. While playing the video I wanted to look at written instructions, but there were none available. Watching parts of the video over and over again was slowing me down, so I ended up taking my own notes and have turned them into this tutorial. Continue reading “How to Create a Low Poly Dog in Adobe Illustrator”