Pencil drawn toad

A Toad Named Ali

From my daily drawings
Ali came from a pun-loving family. Drawn on Canson XL mixed media paper using a 2 mm clutch pencil with HB lead. Color applied in Photoshop.

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Toad design decorating a Redbubble t-shirt
Toad design decorating a Redbubble sticker
Toad design decorating a Redbubble throw pillow

How to Use Opacity Masks in Adobe Illustrator

Opacity masks offer a easy-to-edit, non-destructive way to change the transparency of your Illustrator artwork by creating shapes through which the underlying artwork is revealed and concealed.

So, when might you want to use an opacity mask?

Here are two practical examples that were adapted from questions asked on the graphic design question-and-answer site Graphic Design Stack Exchange. Continue reading “How to Use Opacity Masks in Adobe Illustrator”

penguin pillow

Penguin Pillow

Now that hockey season is over, penguin pillow can finally put his scarf away for the summer.

NOTE: This paper and pencil drawing was scanned as a 600 dpi TIFF and then processed using Photoshop. The information in the tutorial “Quick Tip: Clean Up Your Traditional Drawings in Photoshop” was essential to achieve attractive Photoshop clean up results. In the past, I primarily used Levels to adjust the tonal range, but after trying this tutorial I found better results by using Curves (at least with this drawing).